Minikane Capucine Baby Girl Doll
Minikane Capucine Baby Girl Doll
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Minikane Capucine Baby Girl Doll

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Minikane is a French brand and the official distributor of Paola Reina baby dolls, made in Spain. They are subtly scented with a vanilla fragrance to smell sweet just like a newborn baby. Made from eco-friendly and non-toxic/phthalate-free vinyl, these beautiful dolls are ideally-sized for little ones to dress up and care for. Since your little one will want to take his/her Minikane baby EVERYWHERE - the dolls are even safe for taking into the bath for fun in the tub. Ideal for encouraging role play, the dolls different features helps little ones begin to understand cultural diversity and gender. 

Add a handmade outfit from Jolee James for endless playtime fun!

Note: Minikane dolls do not arrive with clothing; all clothing and accessories must be purchased separately.

    • Capucine has blue eyes and red hair
    • 13" long
    • Doll is anatomically correct.
    • Material: soft PVC free of phthalates clothing: OEKO-TEX certified.
    • Dolls have hand-painted facial features (lips, cheeks, etc.) 
    • Made in Spain